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How to Make Money in ESO - Elder Scrolls Online Gold Guide | IG

  • Gold. It makes the Elder Scrolls world go around. As a new adventurer, you would like to get your hands on it, but sadly, it can be tough to come by. With this in mind, we decided to give all the new ESO players some tips, to try and line your pockets with coins!

    Harvest Materials

    Harvesting Materials is a fast and easy way to make gold. It is also a great way for new players to start earning money in ESO. All you have to do is visit an area with plenty of materials and start harvesting. All crafting materials will earn you a profit but Alchemy materials are the most valuable and easy to get.

    To be effective when following this method you will want to unlock the Master Gatherer and Plentiful Harvest Champion Points skills. Using a dedicated Gold Farming Build will help you move and collect materials faster. To harvest materials of higher value, you will have to invest some skill-points in crafting skills.

    Daily Quests

    Let's look at one of the easier ways of making gold. Daily quests are probably the best possible stable source of income for new players. Enforcing a habit of completing them every day is a great starting point. They're not that time-consuming and they'll reward you with some valuable items.

    The income you'll get out of them won't be that high but it's still worth it! Daily quests give players an option to earn a quick buck. That's what they're in the game for. Why not just make use of it?

    Farming Mobs

    If you’re more comfortable in combat than in a trader’s guild, then mob farming is for you. Public dungeons are a particularly good spot for this – they usually spawn five or more mobs at a time, and they have a shorter respawn time than other spots. The gold and loot gleaned from encounters like this come at a higher rate per minute than other dungeons or hunting grounds. For even more gold returns, seek out public dungeons with Imperial mobs, who, as a rule, drop more gold at a faster rate.

    The three best dungeons for this kind of thing are The Vile Manse in Reaper’s March, Razak’s Wheel in Bang’korai, and Crimson Cove in Malabal Tor.

    Notably, this kind of farming is only really viable if your character is capable of AOE damage. Some of the best weapons for this are the Destruction Staff or Bow. A Templar’s Blazing Spear, a Warden’s Impaling Shards, a Sorcerer’s Lightning Splash, or a Dragonknight’s Fiery Breath are also great skills to do this kind of damage. We don’t generally recommend a Nightblade build for this purpose, as they don’t have a lot of AOE abilities.

    You can also invest your Champion Points in several skills to make mob farming easier for you. Spell Erosion and Piercing can help your abilities bypass your enemies’ armour and increase your kill rate. Precise Strikes and Elfborn can increase your critical rating for physical and spell attacks, respectively.

    Play the Market

    Buy Low, Sell High! No need to farm anything for this method. Just buy items and sell them higher! Having an initial Capital and a good understanding of the market is necessary for success.

    Check Guild Traders in different towns, find items selling cheap, buy and resell them for a better price! Getting assistance from Market Addons like TTC(Tamriel Trade Centre) can be helpful.

    Repeat DungeonsGear is Gold, so the more gear you find, the more gold you can make. Repeating Dungeons is a great way to earn extra gear, that you can then sell to others who may not be as inclined to repeat the same dungeon 10 times. Repeating them can be tedious, but you also get the benefit of earning extra levels for your character and skilling up your skills, should some of them be lagging behind in levels.


    Crafting is a very lucrative way of making money but not really good for new players. This is a more advanced way of making gold in ESO. It will require patience and time to get the appropriate skills to start crafting valuable items. When you do get the required skills though you can make a lot of money with this method.

    Items that sell really well and reliably include common used sets like Law of Julianos and Hunding’s Rage as well as Alchemy potions. For a list of the best selling Alchemy Potions take a look at my Alchemy Guide. There are several Crafted Sets that sell very well!

    Furnishing Crafting is also very valuable as long as you can afford the materials cost and have the skills! Certain Furnishings can sell for millions!

    A Life of Crime

    If you’re not opposed to turning to darker methods of making money, then the crime can pay in ESO. Thieving, trafficking, and murdering people can turn a profit that’s higher than your average gathering gig.

    If you’re planning on turning to the dark path, start by making sure that you’re in Stealth mode as much as possible. While you’re in Stealth, the reticle will tell you whether you’re Hidden or Detected, which is helpful for criminal activities. That said, don’t commit your crimes out in the open. If a guard kills you or makes you bribe them, your stolen goods will be confiscated and gone forever.

    Secondly, launder your items that have other uses, like crafting items, motifs, potions, equipment, soul gems, and other various utility items. It helps keep you from getting caught.

    With any one of these strategies, you are well on your way to getting rich in Elder Scrolls Online. Don’t worry if some of them don’t work right away; sometimes, the best money-making strategy is patience. is a professional seller selling MMO currency. All orders are backed by professional suppliers and representatives, and that is why it is people's go-to place to buy Cheap Elder Scrolls Online Gold , items, and level boosting for ESO.