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Best Honkai Star Rail Natasha build

  • What is the foremost Honkai: Star Rail Accounts Natasha build? As one of the only doctors left in Jarilo-IV’s Midgar-like Underworld, Natasha plays a pivotal role in Honkai Star Rail’s post-prologue chapters. While unlockable without cost by simply doing the story, building her in your gacha squad is just about the best move you possibly can make, as she provides impressive healing that you’ll surely have to tackle companies the roguelike Simulated Universe or Forgotten Hall challenges.

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    Many would assume a smaller free character, but Natasha stands among an entire roster of Honkai Star Rail characters as among the few and greatest healers among gamers – in case you don’t believe us, just look into where she falls on our tier list. However, we all do recommend saving any valuable materials from your latest batch of Honkai Star Rail codes for getting her to perform at her best. Here’s all you require for the very best honkai star rail account Natasha build.

    Natasha’s adamant fascination with the people of Belobog’s Underworld is reflected in our best build choices, and not for thematic reasons! The aim is usually to make her a sustainable healer who could heal herself in a very pinch with your ex-early Eidolon and many choice max HP increasing relic gear. Her Honkai Star Rail Light Cones and Planar Ornaments are chosen to substantiate her usefulness with party-wide heals, along with some sneaky attack buffing under consideration too, in case you’re fast enough.

    In the latest game meta, healers can hardly avoid Bailu’s five-star Light Cone Time Waits for No One, that when fully superimposed can increase Natasha’s max HP by nearly 30% and outgoing healing by 20%. Not only that, just about adds additional destruction of any ally’s attack to your amount of 60% of your respective last heal, a hefty DPS boost overall. If you’re stuck, we’d recommend Natasha’s canonical four-star cone, Post-Op Conversation for the most solid energy regeneration and boosted healing to be with her ultimate.

    As you would possibly expect, the very best Honkai Star Rail team comp for Natasha positions her as being a primary, single-target healer, the industry necessity in compositions that are included with squishier support units like Tingyun. Aside from the obvious health regeneration she provides, Natasha also gains usage of debuff cleanse via her skill at Ascension Four, which is the perfect counter to many people's harmful effects that enemies deploy inside Forgotten Hall and Simulated Universe.

    Jing Yuan is a good choice for a primary DPS. Not only does his kit retain the highest damage output inside the anime game, but the guy can also unleash that damage in a single fell swoop. However, if you would rather utilize a single-target DPS – or in case you just haven’t pulled Jing Yuan from your Honkai Star Rail banners yet – Seele is a good alternative. Bronya’s first concern should be managing the turn order for Jing Yuan so that he can reach the full limit of Lightning-Lord’s attack count stack as fast as possible. Tingyun is capable of supporting the damage output from Jing Yuan’s basic attack, and as well employ her ultimate to replenish the vitality of Jing Yuan’s own – or Natasha’s, if your team-wide heal is necessary.

    Once you’ve put together the very best Honkai Star Rail Natasha build, she’s bound to be a mainstay within the team since you work on boosting your equilibrium levels in the late game. On the other hand, you would possibly want to invest in your Honkai Star Rail Stellar Jade farming guide when you’re desirous to gamble on Warps to pull companies Bailu instead.