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Classifieds » Arts & Culture » Valorant Viper Agent: Abilities, Skills, Weapons and More Guide

Valorant Viper Agent: Abilities, Skills, Weapons and More Guide


Viper is a Controller agent in Valorant, bringing a range of toxic utilities into the game. She stands as one of the finest control agents across various maps, with cunning setups and practical area control that challenge both newcomers and experienced players alike. Hailing from the United States, this character boasts a utility kit including Snakebite, Poison Cloud, Toxic Screen, and her ultimate ability, Viper's Pit.

Upon contact with any of Viper's utility, players experience a brief decay in health and armor, making them susceptible to close-range gunfire or damage, especially during retakes or peak defenses. These abilities run on fuel and replenish over time, providing an advantage for both offense and defense.

What Abilities Does Viper Have?

Snakebite: Equips a chemical launcher. Fire to launch a canister that shatters upon hitting the floor, creating a lingering chemical zone that damages enemies. The zone inflicts Vulnerable debuff on enemies for 2 seconds after leaving.

Poison Cloud: Equips a gas emitter launcher. Fire to throw the emitter that perpetually remains throughout the round. Activate to re-form the toxic gas cloud at the cost of fuel. This ability can be reused multiple times and can be picked up and redeployed. Poison Cloud has an 8-second cooldown after being deactivated.

Toxic Screen: Equips a gas emitter launcher. Fire to deploy a long line of gas emitters. Activate to re-form the toxic gas wall at the cost of fuel. This ability can be reused multiple times. The Toxic Screen burns through walls, placing emitters at all valid positions within its length. It has an 8-second cooldown after deactivation.

Viper's Pit: Equips a chemical sprayer. Fire to spray a chemical cloud in all directions around Viper, creating a large cloud that reduces players' vision and damages enemies inside. Key to mastering this ability is dissipating the cloud as soon as possible. If Viper refuels every 8 seconds or remains inside, it lasts indefinitely.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Viper

One of Viper's main strengths lies in her ability to obstruct enemy vision. This makes it harder for opponents to enter bomb sites and allows teammates to reclaim certain map areas more easily.

Another advantage of Viper is her capacity to slow down or even halt enemy advances. With her Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen making enemies Vulnerable, opponents need to exercise caution. At times, a Viper wall is enough to prevent a team from executing tasks at the bomb site.

When her walls collapse, Viper can use her Snakebite to deter enemy charges. These inflict significant damage, making it perilous for opponents to cross.

Best Approaches to Counter Viper in Valorant

Monitor Toxin Levels

Viper's utilities like Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen are fuel-based and deplete quickly. Players can leverage this by monitoring Viper's toxin levels and waiting for her to run out of fuel, capitalizing on this before she can replenish.

Utilize Flash Agents

Many agents provide flash abilities to blind Viper. Having agents like Skye, KAY/O, Phoenix, or Reyna as allies can help since they can flash past Viper's utilities like Poison Cloud and Poison Orb. This is a risky move as opponents may be holding angles on the other side. However, proper team coordination can overcome this challenge.

Gather Intel on Viper's Position

Viper excels in using her vision-blocking abilities to control specific map areas. Initiator abilities like Sova's Owl Drone or Recon Bolt can help pinpoint her location. Alternatively, Fade's Haunt or Skye's Trailblazer can be used to locate her. This results in an easy elimination when you lure her out of her utility zone.

Actively Contest with Your Team

Entering Viper's defensive area can be tricky, as she excels at denying entry and controlling sites in Valorant. Any player crossing her active utilities will suffer from health decay, making her easier to prey upon. To tackle this issue and avoid falling victim to her sneaky playstyle, you need to engage her as a team. Actively pushing as a team catches her off-guard, preventing her from defending against enemies approaching from various directions. This strategy is also effective when challenging her in her Viper's Pit.

Employ Agile Agents

Agents with good mobility or those capable of bypassing her setups can dodge Viper's abilities. Duelists like Jett, Raze, or Yoru, possessing dash, satchel jumps, and teleportation, can assist in maneuvering around her hazardous areas and catching her off-guard. You can even use Yoru's Dimensional Drift to phase through her setups and get into her face, catching her by surprise.

Remember, these tips are general guidelines and their effectiveness depends on your team's specific context, map, and composition. Adapting and trying different approaches to find what works best for your team is crucial. So, keep playing, learning, and adjusting your strategies to effectively counter her in Valorant.

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