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LoL Arena Ranking: Understanding the Ranks


LoL Arena is the latest game mode in League of Legends, and it comes with its own ranking system. This is designed to engage players in this unique game mode. However, understanding the ranking system in LoL Arena can be a bit confusing, especially if you're used to the ranks in Summoner's Rift.

LoL Arena Ranking: Explaining the Ranking System

LoL Arena mode has its unique ranking system, somewhat similar to the Ranked ladder in League of Legends but with some key differences, including brand-new ranks that you can only dream of in the regular League. An ideal LoL Accounts can make your in-game experience much smoother.

As of the 2023 Second Split, there are only five ranks in League of Legends Arena. These ranks are Wood, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Gladiator. Among these, Wood and Gladiator are entirely new categories that don't exist in Summoner's Rift.

Wood is essentially the Arena equivalent of Iron. Most players will start here, and they'll have to work their way up. Since League of Legends only has five ranks, the Wood player base is much larger than the Iron player base.

Gladiator, on the other hand, is akin to Master+ level in League of Legends. Here, the best of the best gather for intense matches featuring high-quality mechanics and gameplay. It's a spectacle that's been long-awaited, with many League of Legends players believing Wood tier should have been added to Summoner's Rift ages ago.

Can You Play Normal Games in LoL Arena?

Normal games are a crucial part of League of Legends, where players can try out new champions without worrying about their ranked performance. Unfortunately, Riot hasn't provided a regular, unranked queue for LoL Arena.

The mode's team hopes to release game modes alongside "Gladiator" events, aiming to provide players with fresh experiences. This necessitated the removal of features like normal games and even custom games during the launch, as they revealed. These are elements Riot plans to add in the future.

Ranking in LoL Arena: It's That Simple

Since you can only play ranked mode in LoL Arena, you must give your best in every game to avoid disappointing your duo partner. But how exactly do you climb the ranks in League of Legends Arena, so you can eventually face stronger opponents?

The ranking system in League of Legends Arena is similar to that of Teamfight Tactics. In each match, the top two ranked players gain points to move up the ladder, while the bottom two lose points.

Unlike in regular League, there are no rank series between ranks. Players only need to accumulate enough points to climb out of Wood or Bronze and ascend to higher levels in the League of Legends Arena.

So, to rank up in League of Legends Arena, all you need to do is win games. The more consistent you are, the better. Keep in mind that as you climb higher, you'll face more formidable and skilled opponents!

Do Players Receive Ranking Rewards?

Throughout the League of Legends ranked season, players receive rewards simply by participating in ranked matches. At the end of a split, players also get unique skins. Depending on your final rank, you may even get chromas for that specific skin to show off how far you've come.

LoL Arena seems not to have a similar system in place. It appears that Riot hasn't provided Arena rewards for players who achieve the top percentile in the game mode. So, it seems that players grinding Arena are doing it for the glory and bragging rights.

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